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Free Bikes & Bike repair (Denver)

posted Saturday April 12, 2008

Now that spring is trying to be here, our thoughts turn to getting outdoors and enjoying the warm (?) weather!  What better way than on a bike!

Fix up that bike for free!Derailer Bicycle Collective is a communal, volunteer-run bike shop.  This isn’t your normal bike shop, however.  Here, you can borrow tools (for free) and obtain free parts (frames, pedals, handlebars, cranks, tires, tubes, patches, bottom brackets, derailleurs, brakes, reflectors, accessories, and most any other part imaginable…), work with a knowledgeable volunteer to learn how to fix your own bike, rent a bike for free, or build yourself a bike from the frame up with a little help and at no cost to you!

Why do they offer this?  The folks at Derailer believe that…

 ”…bicycles are the most affordable, sustainable, efficient, healthy, environmentally friendly, FUN, and liberating form of transportation and recreation.”

Do you agree & want to help this volunteer organization?  Here are a few things they could use:

  • any bike tools
  • metric box wrenches (esp. 10 & 15mm)
  • crescent wrenches
  • office supplies
  • lighting equipment (bulbs, lamps, etc)
  • rubber cement
  • patches
  • kerosene (or other degreasers/solvents)
  • 20” tubes, tires and wheels
  • tubes and tires, all sizes
  • wheels, 24” or smaller
  • alloy wheels, all sizes
  • 700c wheels
  • grease
  • kids bikes
  • floor pumps
  • bike locks (keys or combos)
  • helmets
  • quality components
  • bike stands
  • portable storage (sheds, etc)
  • grinder
  • conduit bender
  • oxyacetylene welder and/or T.I.G. welder
  • Dremmel tool
  • bi-lingual bicycle books, resources and volunteers!

So, as soon as this snow melts off the bike paths, let’s get out for a spin.Flower in the snow

Derailer Bicycle Collective is located at 411 Lipan St. in Denver.
(303) 893-0305


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